Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wisdom from Grey's Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy. I am continually asking myself why I watch this show. Somehow, the characters have captured me, even though I dislike most of them. Anyways, as Erin and I watched last week's episode, Meredith Grey, the lead character of the show, was narrating a scene and said something that really caught my attention. I'm ad-libbing a bit, but basically she said "when we see pictures of Everest mountain climbers, they're always at the top. Always with a huge smile on their face. Looks like they're on top of the world". I love that. The "climb" is hard. A lot of people die trying, and never make it to the top. Sometimes it seems like the climb is going to kill us, making our way through this life. But eventually, in all those little situations, and in the grand scheme, we make it to the top. We're bruised, broken and bleeding. But once we're there, once we make it through the climb, it's as if the climb was nothing. Those bruises don't hurt as badly anymore. Joy takes over.

I don't know. Thought it was a cool little bit of wisdom. Thanks Meredith. Now stop having sex with everything that moves.


  1. haha. funny ending. and she/you are totally right. thanks for the encouragement. have fun tonight with the boys!

  2. THis post just made me think about my friend who was climbing a mountain on friday and slipped and feel a few feet and got stuck. We had to call the rescue crew to come and save him from where he was. Most people who climb and get stuck where he was die he is one of the few to walk away with bruises and cuts and thats it. It was so scary watching him be saved but it is the best feeling knowing that everything was okay. I know that this post more meant the climb in life but it just made me think about how lucky we really all are....

    by the way i love all of your work!!!