Monday, March 8, 2010

Stand Fast.

So today is the last day of our Paramore tour here in the Pacific Rim. I can't believe I've been away from home for a month. It's been such a blessing over the course of my life to go to such places and see such amazing things, cultures, people. But one thing that has been so vibrant to me throughout this tour is how incredible God is. There are an estimated, what, like 6.2 billion people on this planet? I see thousands every day. And my God thinks about me. He has 6.2 billion people to think about, and he thinks about me? A lot of times I think I'm not really worth the time to think about. AND he has way more important things to think about instead of me! But he does!

I really have been going through some ups and downs lately. We are transcending into a time where morals in the Christian life are slowly declining. I see and hear about friends who I've known my entire life entering into dangerous lifestyles and still think that they are living within Christ's permissible commandments. And I always fall back into the words of one of my beloved mentors...


I know we are older now. We outgrow our felt-board Bible stories. We try to think with science and reason. We strive to find happiness in life. And with every year, our minds grow more susceptible to Satan's lies. We try to find out what we can get away with as long as we ask for forgiveness. We reason what Christ "was really saying in that verse" relating to "our times". I'm not quoting anyone, just generalizing. But God's word never changes...and I feel like the most basic truths of Christ we learnt as children still can have some of the most beautiful impacts on our Christian lives than we will ever learn anywhere else. Just think about a world where people didn't lie, where people treated others like they want themselves to be treated. Where people saved themselves for marriage. Where our lives were built around loving others, and not about loving ourselves. We can still do this!!! We just have to stand fast! Don't waver in our God's laws. I'm at a point in my life where I believe what I believe. And I believe I have a pretty firm foundation on what is wright and what is wrong. This doesn't make me a conservative, a liberal, a republican, a democrat. It doesn't make me a label, unless you're a label maker. It just makes me a human being who takes God's word literally. And I will continue to do so, until my Lord comes back.

Wow. Just unloaded. I never write, so when I feels great. I guess what I'm trying to say, is God's word is real. And God is real. And Hell is real. We need to FEAR Hell on a daily basis. I want to do God's will. I want to strive to be like him. I want to live according to the plans He has for me. But I also want to live my life knowing what will happen if I don't. Hell IS real. It's going to be the most terrible, painful, horrible place we could ever, or never imagine. And just thinking about it scares me beyond any horror film. And it should scare you.

LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST. STAND FAST. And we will live the life eternal with our Savior! I can't wait for that day!


  1. Wow. I never really knew before now that you are a Christian. I really needed to hear this tonight. Thanks for writing :)

  2. Wow, I needed this. I grew up in a Christian household until it all came tumbling down when I was 17. I'm 21 now and haven't been back to church in over 2 years. My relationship with God isn't even close to what it used to be. Lately, I've been praying for peace and strength and the courage to find a church where I'm comfortable at and rebuild my relationship with God. Your entry was just what I needed to read. Even though I've been trying to ignore it and not think about, everything you said is true. THank you.