Monday, November 30, 2009

Stockholm, Sweden

So it's amazing here. I didn't really get to go out for too long, this tour really doesn't allow for much free time, but I did get to run around a little bit and snap some atmospheric pics. My favorite so far was the treeline just as we were leaving Finland. It was gorgeous. Sweden seems SO industrial to me, and yet it's blended perfectly with this natural presence. It's probably the trees, grass, and other foliage that's just growing up around these factories. And I hardly messed with the color temperature in these photos as well...I mean it's BLUE here. Of course we ARE in a place where they only get about 4 hours of sunlight a day right now...which is so crazy. Anyways, I'm starting to miss my wife in a major way. I miss little Franklin, TN. The NOEL sign is probably above Starbucks right now, and I hear it's supposed to snow there this week! So Sweden, make me happy, cause I'm getting as blue as you are.






And here's one of my favorite shots I've ever taken of the band! 6,500 Finnish Fans glowing to "Misguided Ghosts"


Sunday, November 29, 2009


So I'm in FINLAND! The trip over here was unreal. So long. But now I'm here and of course got right out and started taking pictures! So this is Helsinki! I didn't know this but it's actually very flat here. I kind of always thought it was mountainy and snowy! But instead it's actually rainy all year round and FLAT! But it's beautiful here in it's unique way. One of my favorite spots I've seen here so far was this huge rock pile. This place was the foundation of a massive church they were going to build, but in 1939 the war caused them to stop construction, and I guess they never officially got the building started after that, so just the foundation is still standing! And my favorite thing about Finland? Obsessed with Gnomes! They're everywhere! Red hats, beards...I mean incredible. Alright! Tomorrow we're off to Sweden! Check back then for...hopefully some new pics!







Sunday, November 22, 2009

Vann and Sharon

So my beautiful cousin got married a few weeks ago and I wanted to share a few of the pictures with you all! It's been a while since I posted wedding photos, and I'm trying to get back into the blogging thing, so here we go! I'm gonna start updating this often, as well as show off some of my favorite pics over the last 6 get ready!!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Wow! I have some awesome reviews showing up on Thank you to all who have been so sweet to leave such positive feedback!!!

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Sunday, November 8, 2009


Just to give you an update, Pawpaw Clark passed away this last Monday, November 1st. We are saddened, yet filled with joy knowing where he is now. Thank you Lord, for answering prayer.

new blogs to come soon.