Monday, November 30, 2009

Stockholm, Sweden

So it's amazing here. I didn't really get to go out for too long, this tour really doesn't allow for much free time, but I did get to run around a little bit and snap some atmospheric pics. My favorite so far was the treeline just as we were leaving Finland. It was gorgeous. Sweden seems SO industrial to me, and yet it's blended perfectly with this natural presence. It's probably the trees, grass, and other foliage that's just growing up around these factories. And I hardly messed with the color temperature in these photos as well...I mean it's BLUE here. Of course we ARE in a place where they only get about 4 hours of sunlight a day right now...which is so crazy. Anyways, I'm starting to miss my wife in a major way. I miss little Franklin, TN. The NOEL sign is probably above Starbucks right now, and I hear it's supposed to snow there this week! So Sweden, make me happy, cause I'm getting as blue as you are.






And here's one of my favorite shots I've ever taken of the band! 6,500 Finnish Fans glowing to "Misguided Ghosts"



  1. These photos are absolutely beautiful!
    That shot of the forest is amazing
    & I love the one of Paramore during Misguided Ghosts..

    Hope you are coming to Dublin to take a few shots too :)

  2. All the pictures are great but the last one is stunning. It was such a beautiful moment.♥ Hoping to see you back here in Finland soon!

  3. my favorite is the charlie brown christmas tree. your talent is undeniable! proud to call you my BIL :)

  4. love that picture of the are they all glowing?

  5. I love the pictures, the last one is my favorite as I can see myself there. I'm the girl who asked you why you were stuck in London for 5 hours :) You really can take good pics, well done!!

  6. Bran - the misguided ghosts picture is unbelievable! You're so talented.

  7. the band picture is totally perfect! It's inspiring to look at. Will enjoy checking in on the blog for more pics!!! Bill Todd

  8. Amazing shots of Stockholm. And even more amazing shot of Paramore. Wow.

    Hoping to see you back in Sweden soon! I'm both into Paramore and photography... We should totally meet ;)