Sunday, November 29, 2009


So I'm in FINLAND! The trip over here was unreal. So long. But now I'm here and of course got right out and started taking pictures! So this is Helsinki! I didn't know this but it's actually very flat here. I kind of always thought it was mountainy and snowy! But instead it's actually rainy all year round and FLAT! But it's beautiful here in it's unique way. One of my favorite spots I've seen here so far was this huge rock pile. This place was the foundation of a massive church they were going to build, but in 1939 the war caused them to stop construction, and I guess they never officially got the building started after that, so just the foundation is still standing! And my favorite thing about Finland? Obsessed with Gnomes! They're everywhere! Red hats, beards...I mean incredible. Alright! Tomorrow we're off to Sweden! Check back then for...hopefully some new pics!








  1. Lovely photos!
    And see you in Sweden!
    Hopefully it won't rain or snow tomorrow.

  2. It's so weird seeing these pictures here, they're so obviously taken in Finland. I'm glad you apparently enjoyed your visit! BUT it doesn't always rain here! This "winter" just happens to suck.

    ps. Weird that you saw a lot of gnomes, I live here and I never see that stuff? Oh well, maybe I'm just used to it... :)