Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Blog Starter

Well the blogging has begun! I have an official blog on my website, but I really want a blog to just showcase life around the Chesbro abode. So here we go...a blog about my beautiful wife, my mindboggling dog, and my amazing, ever growing family! I'm starting with our wonderful memorial day today! It started off with a wonderful waffle leftovers from yesterday, which Erin and I quickly devoured. We wanted to do something different then going to the movies or watching tv, so we spent a few hours at the pool and then headed out fishing!!! I caught a few absolute monsters...

...ok well not really. Then Erin used her incredible cooking creativity to make a fetta stuffed venison burger! And with my grill skillz...it became a culinary masterpiece. Stay tuned to this for many more blogs!

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